My Vacation in Photos

Here we were currently leaving Florida!
We arrived on Saturday evening and on Sunday we went hiking in the Smoky Mountains! Look at this view...
We went hiking about 3 times and it was scary if I'm being honest because we were on the edge of the mountains, plus I slipped about 3 times!! 
The following days we went around to explore the town we stayed in which was Sevierville.  
We found this apple cider mill that grew apples, made pies and cider (duh!)
Then on Thursday we went into Asheville, North Carolina, and frankly it was not the city people kept raving about. I really only enjoyed seeing the church pictured above, it was so beautiful. 
Finally, on Friday morning we left for Kentucky to see family and stayed there until Sunday and came back home!!
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  1. Your photos are wonderful! This has me feeling a bit wanderlust!

    Jessica |

  2. I just love your photography! <3

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